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Have you ever seen a clone of yourself when you accidentally got disconnected from the network and wanted to kill it? To do so, type /msg NickServ ghost nickname

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Global Gamers is an IRC network that was formed on one simple concept: gaming should be fun! Whether you live for annihilating the competition in a free-for-all FPS or you sneak in a game of Solitaire when your friends aren't watching, we understand. We know games are there to be enjoyed, and we don't want to complicate something that's supposed to be a source of entertainment...

Getting Started

Join us on IRC! If you have an IRC client already simply connect to to get started. You can also join us from the comfort of your favorite web browser using the Webchat. The New User Guide has additional tips to help you get started, and the navigation bar at the top of each page contains links to everything you may wish to know about GG.

Global Gamers Network News

Network update schedule - Posted by ButtaKnife on October 23, 2014

It's almost time for the privacy changes we've been talking about! Unless something goes horribly wrong, we will restart the entire IRC network Sunday morning around 5AM EDT / 2AM PDT / 9AM UTC. The servers should only be down for a moment, though webchat and our Chicago server will be down for a few minutes due to additional maintenance. After the restarts, our new privacy configuration will be in effect. We'll send out announcements once we get closer to the restart time as well. Thank you all for your patience!


GG party news and network updates - Posted by LoreOfSerpents on October 11, 2014

Lots of network news to catch up on!

First and foremost, Global Gamers will be celebrating its 8th anniversary on Saturday, November 8! Mark your calendars for a day full of IRC events and prizes! If there's any event that you're really interested in seeing, just stop by #GlobalGamers and let us know.

Okay, on to the maintenance. We previously posted that we were going to be deploying a privacy change around the end of September. As you probably noticed, it's now October and we still haven't applied the update. What's going on?

Well, as we continued our tests, we discovered some less than ideal interactions between the privacy settings and account-based bans. We've been working on tweaking that behavior and updating some of the ban code to be smarter in general. We're currently trying it out on our test network.

And a whole host of server updates:

  • A new Texas server is trial linked, which we hope will be stable enough to replace boss.

  • A new east coast US server will begin its trial link next week.

  • icarus is back from its upgrades and is trial linked.

  • We're testing out a new webchat server in light of kraken's recent netsplits.

  • kraken will be leaving the rotation soon for some maintenance which will hopefully resolve its connectivity issues.

Thank you all for your patience! We now return you to your regularly scheduled gaming!

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